JCFB Women's Committee Wins 7th Place

The Jackson County Farm Bureau Women's Committee participated in the Murphysboro Apple Festival window contest in September. The theme was "The Magic Of Appletime".

The committee's purpose in participating in this contest was to promote agriculture to a large audience. After a lengthy discussion a window focus was decided on using "The Magic of Agriculture Creates The Magic of Appletime". "Our committee wanted to show the public where Apples really come from" commented President Lynette Penrod. The window showed how everything begins with the bee and with the help of the Apple Orchard farmers the tasty apple is produced. The window also showed what could all be produced from the apple. Things such as apple cider, carmel apples, apple pie, etc.

"The committee was pleased with the outcome of the window and we feel the purpose was achieved by bringing agriculture to the forefront of the Apple Festival." Penrod added.

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